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Ticket UUID: 63e51e4621760ae8bc457b8feb4aaaed5d9db678
Title: Incorrect HTML tags in description breaks grotesque
Status: Fixed Type: Code_Defect
Severity: Severe Priority: Immediate
Subsystem: Resolution: Fixed
Last Modified: 2015-10-15 20:40:22
Version Found In: HEAD(?)
User Comments:
anonymous added on 2015-10-13 22:27:05:
Add game to Grotesque.
Notice that description contains "... <shudder> ...".
Click on the game in Grotesque.
Grotesque hangs.

On the other hand chars & or > are incorrectly displayed in titles such as "> by @" or "Lock & Key" which are displayed as "&gt; by @" and "Lock &amp; Key".

brandon added on 2015-10-15 20:40:22:
Thanks for reporting this.  That was some majorly broken code.

Fixed in [09618c3952].