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Key: Active Review Fixed Tested Deferred Closed
# mtime type status subsystem title
9aa209c582 2013-06-08 14:53:45 Code_Defect Open   Error when marking a story as played
4e79715e64 2013-06-08 14:55:05 Code_Defect Open   Custom format breaks story importing
36c4eac022 2013-06-08 14:56:27 Feature_Request Open   Allow per-game interpreter preferences
e89a66746e 2013-06-08 14:57:53 Feature_Request Open   Allow game URLs hyperlinked in game description
88449756e1 2013-06-08 14:58:16 Feature_Request Open   Advanced search
3f947fabb0 2013-06-08 14:58:39 Feature_Request Open   Save custom column order
879c064c5e 2013-06-08 14:58:59 Feature_Request Open   Save library sort order
459f289dca 2013-06-08 14:59:30 Feature_Request Open   Support game launch by OS filetype associations
649b9fc40e 2013-06-08 15:00:04 Feature_Request Open   Provide a link, button or other access to the game's folder on disk
7215c3ac0e 2013-06-08 15:00:30 Feature_Request Open   Make config, db, coverart dir locations customizable
56906aea5f 2014-10-26 22:56:59 Code_Defect Fixed   Missing directory breaks coverart download
51c7baa9b9 2015-03-11 21:50:44 Feature_Request Fixed   Improve the appearance of star ratings
2ec3ed1215 2015-09-28 21:58:51 Feature_Request Fixed   Sort authors/titles by Unicode collation
64f7aeea82 2015-09-29 20:18:04 Code_Defect Closed   Windows 0.9.3 exe won't run
b8e003e911 2015-09-29 20:20:04 Code_Defect Closed   Double-click on story broken in Windows
237f9e4d17 2015-10-13 21:55:17 Code_Defect Open   Cannot add "Lord Bellwater's Secret" to the Grotesque db
63e51e4621 2015-10-15 20:40:22 Code_Defect Fixed   Incorrect HTML tags in description breaks grotesque